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Vikalp Sharma

Founder and CEO

Vikalp Sharma is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Spring S Technologies. Mr. Vikalp Leads as Project Head DDU GKY in MP. Vikalp leads Spring S Technology Services and Internal Research Development teams. Mr. Vikalp has responsibility for the overall strategy and business development for Global Services, including advanced services solutions, the services asset strategy, and acquisition strategy. Vikalp is passionate about driving change and believes simplification of processes, belief in people & customer centricity is the key to success. Vikalp joined Spring S Technologies as Founder and Chief Executive Officer in May 2013. He is based in Bhopal, India. Before Spring S Technologies, he was Senior Software Engineer, R&D division of IT firms., a privately held software services firm. He has worked extensively for clients in the Advance Technology. He earned a Master degree in Information Technology engineering from Rajiv Gandhi Prodyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal, India. He also enjoys travelling, learning new technology, and caroms. He Lives in India.

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