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I Am Corona Warrior

What is COVID – 19?

Covid 19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019) has become a nightmare for the whole world at present. Countries are forced to lockdown completely to fight the virus. Novel Corona Virus is spreading at an alarming rate and hence there is a lot of panic as well as fear all over. But what is Covid 19 and do we really need to panic?

Well the good news is Covid 19 is not airborne and requires a physical medium to transfer from an infected person to other. It is mainly spread through the droplets of saliva of nasal discharge when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Until and unless you get in physical contact with an infected person, your risk of getting infected is minimal.

It is a disease that affects the respiratory system. Most people infected by Novel Corona Virus experience respiratory issues that can be mild, but can be severe in people that have pertaining health issues. The symptoms may include

  • Dry cough
  • Fever
  • Tiredness

Other symptoms may include

  • Shortness of Breath
  • Sore throat
  • Aches and pains
  • Very few might experience diarrhea, Nausea etc

How You Can Stay Safe From COVID – 19?

There is a good possibility that in case one is infected and isolate himself under medical guidance, the virus will die itself. While the disease can be fatal in people, what we should remember is that only we can stop the spread of the disease. The term “Social Distancing” has become the need of the hour. Social Distancing refers to keeping ourselves away from social interaction physically as much as possible. Right from avoiding handshakes to avoiding social gathering, we need to stay away and stay home as much as possible.

While social distancing and isolation is the only way to fight the spread of the disease, it has led to loss of livelihood to many daily wagers and has exposed a wide section of the society to the danger of being infected as they can either not afford the safety measures or are still not aware of the havoc caused by the disease.

We must stand strong and united in this dire situation. We need to show solidarity with the people in need by providing them with food, equipment and medical help as much as possible. The least social responsibility that we can impart is to make sure that people must not die of hunger due to the nationwide lockdown.

In the nationwide fight against covid 19, we would like to do our share in reaching out to all those who are in dire need of food and other supplies.

I Am Corona Warrior



कोई भी भूखा ना रहे अभियान

We are going to hold Daily Food and Water Distribution for Hungry People on Road Initiative During Lockdown At South Extn 1, New Delhi-03.

Organized By:Panch Kailash Amarnath Sewa Sanstha, UP in Association With Annapurana Restaurant Kotlamubarakpur

If You Are in Any Problem in Nearby Area of South Extension You Can Call For Any Type of Assistance.

For anyone who is willing to be volunteer and join hands in the noble cause, feel free to call on: 8077365185,9411841092

Become our volunteer for this IAmCoronaWarrior campaign

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