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Science and Innovation

Science and Innovation are what lead the world and have the power to transform the world into an amazing place to live in. Open Arms focuses on providing better education and resources to children and women who have the dream and vision to create something new, powerful and innovative with the help of science and

Women Empowerment – Help us empower women of our country

In specific parts of our country, women are still considered as the weaker gender. According to the old-age rituals, they are only meant to be housewives, or only perform household chores. But what if they have better dreams? What if they want to become a doctor, an IAS officer or even have their own business?

Education – Better life starts with better education

It is rightly said “Padhega India, tabhi to badhega India!” which basically means that a country that works on its education is a country that has hope to grow and evolve better. There are thousands of underprivileged children with thousands of unfulfilled dreams. To bridge the gap between their dreams and realisation of their dreams,

Healthcare – Ensure Better health to the underprivileged

“He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything” In a country where poverty is a major issue, the underprivileged can hardly afford better healthcare services. Open Arms Foundation works with the vision of providing health services remotely to those who can not afford it or don’t even have access to

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